Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Microstation Luxology Engine failure

When we moved to service release 2 of Microstation V8i Luxology had a problem. Half way through rendering anything (of any size) the process would stop with the message the the luxology engine had failed. If we tried the same rendering with a completely default install with no network workspace there was no problem. Also some users did not experience the problem. These were users that had already used Luxology with other earlier versions of v8i. The problem was that the luxology history variable had not been set. This can be set manually from the luxology settings (at the bottom). If it is set manually there is no problem. The other way to set it, is to use the MS_LUXOLOGY_HISTORY variable in your standard config. We have set ours to $(400-fcbdata) which is mapped to the project data folder. This variable sets where a thumbnail of the previous render is stored.

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